Nooks and Crannies …

It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts. ~` K.T. Jong

lantern I wrote last month about my love affair with the out-of-the-way back corners of Ray’s Garden.  Well, it seems I am still finding little nooks and crannies – small, quiet places, tucked away — offering just a moment or two of grace in a normally busy phones-ringing, people-talking, radio-playing world. bunny This little guy is one of my favorite garden inhabitants.  He lives under a shrub, as befits a proper, quiet rabbit.  I believe he is meant to be depicted as eating something but, to me, he always looks as if he is holding his paws to his face saying, “Oh, my!”

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. ~~John Muir

2 cherubs It appears one of these cherubs has lost a wing – which is certainly sad, but they do seem to be entirely content to be earthbound in their little piece of garden.

It’s tucked away in a quiet corner, shadowed and obscured… It doesn’t advertise and it doesn’t care if you habitually pass by on the other side. It’s just there for when you need it. ~~ Simon R. Green, Agents of Light and Darkness

lantern 2 There are little patches of grace and beauty all around us — just waiting to be noticed.  I guess it is my job to open my eyes and actually see them … instead of simply rushing past with my eyes set on the screen of my cell phone.

Welcome, wild harbinger of spring! To this small nook of earth; Feeling and fancy fondly cling, Round thoughts which owe their birth, To thee, and to the humble spot, Where chance has fixed thy lowly lot. ~~ Bernard Barton


Back Corners

Life is sometimes made of the small moments of contentment you find in the quiet corners of your day ~~ Anonymous


This may well be my favorite corner of Ray’s Garden.  It’s that back corner that is really no part of the garden — it’s just a waiting place — never static, always changing …  I check it out every day that I am here and, as you can see, I’ve been photographing it for quite some time, in many different seasons.  It is a small, beautiful piece of art in and of itself.  And you never never know what will pop up here:  house plants coming out for a breath of air, a pot with nothing more than a stick in it – until, against all odds, the stick sprouts one leaf at its very top — and later yet becomes a fig tree.  Sometimes its an old teapot used as a planter and often, stray toys left by the grandchildren.

blue petunias

The most noteworthy thing about gardeners is that they are always optimistic, always enterprising, and never satisfied. They always look forward to doing something better than they have ever done before. ~~ Vita Sackville-West


This is the corner where sick plants come to get better — or to finally die.  This is the “waiting room” where things go while a permanent bed is made ready for them.  This is that paradox:  a place of permanent transition …

peashootsyellow primrose

Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate. ~~ J. R. R. Tolkien

basil and geraniums

I think what I love the most is the fact that this corner doesn’t expect anything, doesn’t ask anything — it simply accepts whatever comes its way each day and offers itself, whether it’s bright and colorful or mostly quietly green.  It just is — for awhile — and then it’s something else  …

In this world without quiet corners, there can be no easy escapes from history, from hullabaloo, from terrible, unquiet fuss. ~~ Salman Rushdie

all green

This one is a different corner — even less in public view — but another favorite …


I love the hodge-podge of shapes and colors and the fact hat every piece is ready — waiting to play its role in the larger picture.  I can only wish my life were this organized!

I look out of this window and I think this is a cosmos, this is a huge creation, this is one small corner of it. The trees and birds and everything else and I’m part of it. I didn’t ask to be put here, I’ve been lucky in finding myself here. ~~ Morris West

Garden Whimsy

Whimsy can be humorous to someone with time to enjoy it.  ~~ Anonymous

The weather is all over the place — heavy frost, spring-like warmth, sunshine, rain, and back to sun again — we never know what to expect these days.  On sunny days it’s obvious that spring can barely contain itself and yet it can all too easily be a snare and a delusion — a trap for the over-eager.  Rush those bedding plants into the ground and watch a heavy frost come along and sap all the energy out of them, leaving you with a bed full of weak, spindly trying-their-level-best-to-flower plants.  Best to be patient just a little longer.

There are a few leaf buds in Ray’s Garden but much of the flower garden is bare right now and this reveals unexpected delights for anyone with a sense of whimsy who might be wandering through in search of early signs of spring.

sun face

Little treasures that are hidden away much the year in all the fertile greenery — not great art by any means — just little things to make you smile when they are discovered.

“A garden isn’t meant to be useful. It’s for joy. “    ~~ Rumer Godden

house 2

I hope the tenant of this tidy home is enjoying the early primulas …

bench 1

An invitation to have a seat and dream for awhile…

“A garden without its statue is like a sentence without its verb.” ~~  Joseph W. Beach

lantern 3Sea and earth and human creation, all together under the ferns …

I love this little bright-blue creature — one of my absolutely favorite discoveries …


And then, because this is Ray’s Garden, there are angels everywhere.  Here …

angel head wall hang

and here …

sitting angel

and this rather stern fellow who watches over it all from the main doorway …

doorknocker 900Garden additions — whether true art or whimsy — share a bit of the gardener’s soul with all who are lucky enough to be invited in to look and discover.

“From there to here, and here to there — funny things are everywhere.”                 ~~ Dr. Seuss

Happy almost-Spring, everyone!